Monday, August 15, 2005

Back Story

Just so you people know some more info, My wife told me I was going to be a dad on X-mas for 2004. I was getting ready to go to work (more on that later) and she told me she had a extra gift for me. She showed me the test. Well I was not really ready for this. We had decided to stop not trying to not have a baby, (no more of these damn things).
Which for every guy is GREAT. I figured this would take a while, I would have a few months of beathing room. Me and my Wife Holly, have been together little over 11 years. We had yet to slip up.
So I thought it would take a while. It took about 3 weeks or less (we have yet to work out the exact time) Damn my swimmers. So now I am going to be a DAD. I have about 15 days left before the due date Aug 31 2005. So at anytime I could become one. I started this blog late but will update it often. More later.


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