Sunday, August 21, 2005

Now you know what I look like

Hey it has been a slow start I know, but I am having a baby, things to do, but for everyone out there you know what your humble blogger looks like. The beard is kind of a joke I started growing it about a month ago (sad I know) and I said I will shave it when Haley is born. So as long as it is there she is now.

I wanted to leave you people with some advice that I got from my mom when I was having a hard time coupling with the comming of Haley it is good advice and can be applied to any time life has some hard moments. She said do what makes you feel better even if it is only for a short time, anything that help ease the stress, so if eating ice cream from McDonalds makes you feel good (which works for me) then do it, don't worry about the side affect (sympathy weight, we will chat about that later it does happen!!!) you can deal with the side affects after the stress is gone.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I have not forgotten

I am going to give a quick update. I am still working out in my mind how this is going to work out. This blog I mean. I have a lot to say but I am still trying to work out how to say it. I want to be open and truthful, but I might be talking about other people in my life that may very well read this. So I am not sure how to do it yet. I will figure it out I guess. But I wanted to leave you with a link that you may find helpful.

Guys have your wife sign up for this
they have a very nice fourm page which she can chat with mother's going though the same thing. I think this makes it easier for them they don't feel alone It really helped for Holly.

Well it is late and I must try to get a little shut eye

Monday, August 15, 2005

Back Story

Just so you people know some more info, My wife told me I was going to be a dad on X-mas for 2004. I was getting ready to go to work (more on that later) and she told me she had a extra gift for me. She showed me the test. Well I was not really ready for this. We had decided to stop not trying to not have a baby, (no more of these damn things).
Which for every guy is GREAT. I figured this would take a while, I would have a few months of beathing room. Me and my Wife Holly, have been together little over 11 years. We had yet to slip up.
So I thought it would take a while. It took about 3 weeks or less (we have yet to work out the exact time) Damn my swimmers. So now I am going to be a DAD. I have about 15 days left before the due date Aug 31 2005. So at anytime I could become one. I started this blog late but will update it often. More later.

First Time Post for a frist time dad

Ok here is the frist post on this blogsite. I will be changing the domain over to But for now I am Haleysdaddy. Which I am. I am going to talk about my experince as a dad. I will try to be helpful to all you soon to be Dads and current Dads. I will have info with baby stuff and kid stuff. Plus I am going to have my polical views, thoughts on the world and things like that. Hope you come back to vist this blog all the time.